DECEMBER 14th 2018

UN Migration Pact Protest is Counter-protested by globalist mob outside Leinster House

There was a protest in Dublin outside Leinster House, on Thursday 6th December 2018.

What’s special about this particular protest, I hear you say? Because this isn’t usual, and there are protests happening in Ireland’s capital all the time nowadays. This is the Social Justice Warrior era, after all. 

This particular protest, featured 2 groups – an anti-globalist, pro-Irish, nationalist group on one side, and a bunch of pro-globalist, anti-Irish, SJW NPC robots on the other..

What The Protest Was Over

The protest was over some very dangerous and scary developments in international politics recently that Irish people should be very concerned about – the UN’s Global Compact on Safe, Orderly Migration, and the UN Refugee Pact.

For those of you who don’t know what these are, I shall summarise – they are agreements created to increase and facilitate mass migration into the countries that participate in these agreements. The UN (unsurprisingly) is trying to rope-in as many countries as possible. To put it bluntly – they are trying to get countries to destroy themselves, by having open borders and bringing in massive amounts of people from other parts of the world. Obviously, there won’t be a public referendum on this idea….of course not. To say that that would be the political elites over-playing their hand would be an understatement. 

The background to all this, for those of you who aren’t aware or are in denial about this, is that Europe is falling apart due to the influx of migrants (who are mostly economic migrants, not refugees from war-torn areas).

If It’s A “Hard-Sell”..Go All-Out With Your Marketing!

The so-called “Liberal” governments and the other organisations involved in destroying their target countries, use emotional manipulation tactics to convince people that accepting mass migration is the right thing to do morally. In the first photo, note the visually-prominent “love” message (implying that supporting mass migration is the “loving”/humane/compassionate thing to do). In the second, a downward angle shot is used, to attempt to evoke feelings of empathy for the subject (as they are a “victim” of some kind). Keeping in mind, this sort of stuff comes from elitist sociopathic types who wouldn’t know a good person if one pissed in their face (which I would personally love to do). They don’t feel empathy or true compassion themselves, but they know how to evoke those feelings in others – using pictures and other stimuli (words, video, music etc). The reason why tactics like this are used, and are effective, is become some people are naive enough to fall for the manipulation.

The Irish government, media, education systems (and the European Union itself of course), are trying to gaslight or con, the Irish people into thinking that if they don’t go along with mass migration, they are racists… and this is a common technique used everywhere in the Western World today.

There’s Useful Idiots On The “Left?!”… What A Shocker!

The “leftist” mob at the protest outside the gates of Leinster House were shouting words like “racist scum” and “nazis” at the anti-UN pact protestors, which is interesting coming from a bunch of George Soros footsoldiers, Count Coudenhove Kallergi Kocksuckers, and Karl Marx fans..none of whom are in the position to criticize other human beings, nevermind their fellow countrymen. 

The chants included: “Nazi scum, off our streets!”, “Say it loud, say it clear – refugees are welcome here”, “One race, human race”, and “A people, united, will never be defeated”. This is Irish people (many of them) shouting this.. at other Irish people! Wow..things are more fucked-up than ever.

Now aside from the obvious corniness and yuppie style to these abusive and virtue-signalling phrases, they also make no sense, when you break them down…


The Presence of Socialists

This was also a socialist mob, with some members of the People Before Profit party present. There is a certain amount of irony here by this group accusing others of being Nazis – Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party, were socialists too, so this mob have more in common with the Nazi’s than they realise. They were also shouting “fascists” – again, ironic because of their control-freak nature, and their inability to let others have protests while they protest all the time (citing their right to protest).  Hyprocritical? Yes, but also very childish.. spoilt even.. “I want my way.. and if i don’t get it.. i’m going to have a tantrum”. This connects-in with the fact that many of the university graduates and socialist minions we see active nowadays in Ireland, are from “privileged” backgrounds. Indeed there are brats everywhere, not just in these demographics, but on the psychological level, the connection is there. 

Some of them were even giving out anti-racism leaflets to the anti-UN pact protestors. This is the typical insult the treacherous anti-nationalist leftist groups use against their opponents. It also shows their idiocy, as this is nothing to do with racism – this is about Irish people doing what’s best for Ireland. Other countries and their peoples must decide their own fate.

As for the rest of the individuals involved in the pro-globalist mob, many of these idiots can be seen at the housing protests in Dublin, and are too dumb to realise what they are doing. They are supporting an agenda to import massive amounts of foreigners who will need to be housed and supported financially, while they put an unacceptable amount of extra pressure on Irish services including medical, educational, and policing, amongst other things. Considering the fact that we are in the middle of housing and homelessness crises, importing large numbers of foreigners is a really bad idea, especially if these migrants are coming from very different cultural and religious backgrounds.

As we can see from what’s happening elsewhere in Europe, the migrant influx is approaching catastrophic levels. It will destroy the member states in many ways, including financially. We shouldn’t be surprised that many “leftists”/socialists don’t understand this particular point though, as Socialism isn’t compatible with economics, unless you want to run your country into the ground.

Overall, this is what happens when you get over-emotional about big issues like Migration. The “Liberal” governments of many western countries today, and the section of the general public who support them, are suffering from a type of pathological altruism – trying to save others at the expense of the self. They are ideologically-programmed, morally-contaminated people, who believe they are humanitarians.

Ireland has been infected with progressivism for quite a while now, and its influence is now present in all the key areas of Irish society, including government, media, corporate, financial, and academia.

Students are particularly prone to this socio-political psychopathy, as they attend their respective socialist indoctrination camps with their naïve little minds, and absorb the latest cultural Marxist crap on offer. Then they become “revolutionaries”, spouting things like “we need to help the poor people… we need to have more compassion and stop racism guys, and we need to promote diversity and multiculturalism”, and “we need to help the cause and work for the partschey”. Simply put, these are a bunch of yaw-heads who don’t give a shit about the Irish people, Irish culture, or Ireland itself. 

Faux Revolutionaries

At the protest outside Leinster House, you can give the anti-Irish pro-globalism crowd some credit – they have the confidence to get out there on the streets and make noise and chant..but that’s all we can give them really. Being confident can be good, but being confident doesn’t mean you are doing the right thing. You can be confident without being intelligent or having a conscience.

This leftist mob did their well-polished routine of repeating their chants, with good rhythm, co-ordination and volume.. and you might say this is an indication of intelligence, right? Not really – some animals and even retarded children can still manage to scrape a few words together… So no – being able to use basic communication (in unison or otherwise) is not an indication of a mature intelligence. These anti-protestors are not intelligent- they were like droning parrots…or football fans shouting at the other team’s fans.

Also, there’s even more irony and hypocrisy with these so-called “progressive” types when they abuse religious adherents for their chanting or praying, while they themselves do the same thing, like fanatics under mind control. They also accuse religious organisations of being control-freak totalitarians.. of telling people how to think and act, while they themselves are fanatical and won’t allow others to have opinions different from theirs. At the same time, if you disagree with them or criticize anything they do, they claim that they are under attack – that they are oppressed victims all of a sudden – and they can do whatever they see fit to take revenge. In addition, they claim to be moral people and stand up for all victims, including themselves.

With these groups, one of the reasons why they do it, is because they want to be part of something – they want to feel that they belong – and it satisfies their limited understanding of justice and morality. They think they are doing the right thing, but unfortunately (as all of these liberal protest groups illustrate quite well) if you just have emotions and not enough logic, and you are getting involved in activism for emotional reasons (without any real intelligence behind it) you just add to the chaos. Or at the very least, you will be ineffective in making any significant, positive changes to society.

So these are not proper revolutionaries. Many of them are nihilists in their hearts, some are delusional and think they are helping create a worker’s utopia of some kind, others are mentally clumsy. Whichever it is, all they will do is destroy things and make them worse. Their actions will only cause more problems than they solve. Unless they just hate their own kind, and hate their own nationality…and destroying everything that once existed in this place is their goal. Are these pro-globalism Irish protestors “self-hating Irish”?? Should we call them that? If you love other kinds more than your own kind, aren’t you a racist or a bigot?!? That’s not equality (haha).


There’s lots of labels being thrown around in the political sphere… “I’m centre-left”… I’m “Liberal” etc etc.. but whatever happened to dumb?!? The idea of bringing massive amounts of people in to the country is a dumb idea, and anyone who defends it is a fool. Either they are too emotional, they’ve been indoctrinated, they don’t understand about culture (and the difference between different cultures), or maybe they’ve been brainwashed in university. Or they know what they’re doing, and that it’s going to create chaos, but they just don’t care. 

On that point, is creating chaos something that socialist Trotsky or Lenin fans would be keen to do, to achieve their misguided “goals”? Of course it is! They think a period of chaos will allow them to bring in some sort of improved society – a better place for the proletariat..a workers utopia even.
It was once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Many of the fake revolutionaries we see today, along with their Neo-Marxist and Socialist ideologies, are just that – insane. Their revolutionary ideas have never worked and they never will.

About these “Progressive” “Anti-Fascist” Fascists…

Remember, these useful-idiot fanatics are everywhere, they’re international..omnipresent in the western world. All these so-called liberals, progressives, socialists, leftists, Marxists, feminists, LGBT activists, and the so-called human rights activists, whichever sub-category they are in – they all serve the totalitarian “elites”, whether they realise it or not. They are all anti-freedom activists – good little anti-culture footsoldiers for the globalists. They’re the ones who helped create the chaos in the first place…this wave of chaos that’s now destroying Europe one country at-a-time.

These types are the ones helping the globalists demolish Europe, by helping destabilize the countries they inhabit. They do this by adding energy to the various forms of pro-chaos agendas we see today, including this mass migration agenda (some others I have listed above). These socio-political agendas that they support destroy their countries, by removing culture and tradition from the equation, and turning them upside-down. They have succeeded so far because they were not opposed soon enough.. nobody stopped them. The nationalist opposition groups didn’t wake-up fast enough to oppose them earlier in the whole process (of national transformation/destruction).

It’s precisely because the useful idiots had gotten their way in other countries (Germany and Sweden etc), that those countries started spiralling out of control. So the big question is – will people in Ireland wake-up and start opposing these traitors and invaders (and the globalism they are serving) before it’s too late?

Squeaky Wheels…

There is a saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease “. All these SJW’s and liberal types flowing out of universities nowadays – gushing out of these socialist indoctrination camps with all these ideas about social revolution – are the squeaky wheel in the equation when it comes to western societies right now.

All these useful idiots are appearing as if out of nowhere. They’re highly-motivated, noisey, and some agendas/groups are even backed or funded by the state. They’re very active and are now regularly gaining experience and confidence at protesting and campaigning for what they want..

Meanwhile, the countless intelligent people in Ireland, who have the rebel spirit in them and who know that this is all bullshit, are not at this same level of activity. Maybe some people expect all this to sort itself out on its own. Perhaps they think things will at least just automatically improve, that they will just go away entirely, or just pass like a fad. Well unfortunately, for those who don’t want to take action here, being a rebel has been a part of being Irish for our entire history, and this generation is not going to be exempt from that.

So those people in Ireland of sound minds and sound hearts, need to stand up together and do something about this, before the country is run into the ground and all Irishness is lost forever – what’s not destroyed by the Cultural Marxists will be bred-out of the population.  

Instead of supporting mass migration, we can express our humanitarianism in other more intelligent ways..and in ways that won’t cause our destruction as a people.

After all the (genuine!) oppression that Ireland has had inflicted on it…After everything that the innocent have been through in this country…After all the struggles for Irish sovereignty and freedom….After all the outside influencers and invaders.. Now, infected with foreign ideologies, spouting concepts like “diversity” and “multi-culturalism”, Ireland is being finished-off by brainwashed Irish people from within.

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Emmanuel Macron addresses world leaders at Armistice Day commemoration in Paris

60 world leaders attended an Armistice Day centenary event on Sunday 11th November, which took place at the Arc De Triomphe in Paris. Present were Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Irish Premier Leo Varadkar to name a few. This event marked 100 years since the Armistice signed between the Allies and Germany that brought World War 1 to an end.

French President Emmanuel Macron gave a speech at this event, the content of which was not surprising at all considering the current climate in geo-politics. It was full of globalist ideology, virtue-signalling, pro-EU, and pro-multiculturalist sentiment. He even managed to squeeze-in some “Climate Change” propaganda too. All these things sound lovely to the uninformed, of course, and make him sound nice.

Macron said that nationalism is the exact opposite to patriotism. That unity was the answer to peace. He added: “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying, “our interest first, who cares about the others?”. This is a phrase intended to emotionally manipulate those with a nationalist attitude towards the issue of mass migration in to Europe (something which is showing, quite clearly, that the EU experiment hasn’t worked). It implies that nationalists have no humanity, no compassion (in short, that they are bad people). Typical globalist left-wing propaganda.

He also said that peace attempts were made after WW1 by the world leaders involved at the time, who dreamt of solutions that would ensure such wars would never happen again. He said they tried to build peace, by dreaming of international co-operation, the dismantling of empires, and of re-defining borders (enter The League of Nations). They also dreamt of a union…a political union of Europe (which is kind of like an empire ironically, isn’t it?). He went on to say that despite this, the humiliation and spirit of vengeance (for Germany) only nourished nationalism and totalitarianism, and war came again 20 years later, destroying the path to peace. He failed to mention that the actions of the Allies after the war had ended – the Treaties of Versaille and St. Germain – had done plenty to lay the foundations for that vengeance to erupt via the rise of national socialism in Germany in the decades that followed. The Treaty of Versailles effectively slapped Germany with a bill for the war in the form of “War Reparations”, which Germany didn’t finish paying until 3rd October 2010! The hypocrisy of the British and French elitist scum involved is almost unimaginable, as their countries never had to pay reparations for the many imperialistic genocides and innumerable crimes against humanity that they committed all over the world for centuries.

Of course, Macron, being a good little globalist footsoldier, tried to connect the causes of World War 1 with nationalism. But for anyone who knows the truth about what caused WW1 (and indeed what prolonged the war at a crucial point in 1916 when the allies were defeated before the US entered it), it was the imperialism of Britain and France, in addition to Zionism, that were far more culpable than the nationalism of any of the Central Powers involved.

What caused the war was the fear in the British and French establishments which developed in the latter part of the 19th century, that Germany was becoming too powerful. Being so close to France especially, something had to be done to eliminate this new economic (and potentially imperial) rival. It wasn’t long before, in historical terms, that the small regions within Germany had consolidated into one entity thanks to Otto Von Bismarck et al. The natural talents of Germans for efficiency and technical ingenuity did the rest, and it became the economic opposition that Britain and France feared.

To understand the Zionist impact, which caused the war to be extended for a further 2 years until 1918, we need to be aware of the Balfour declaration. This was a deal made between Lord Walter Rothschild (representing the international Zionist federation) and the UK’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour, which promised a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine (then controlled by the British crown). In return for this gift, the Zionists would conspire, using their political power in the US, to bring the US military in to the war to turn the tide in favour of the Allies. This is exactly what happened, though Israel did not materialise until 1948. The role of Zionists in creating WW2 stems from the fact that they didn’t get what they wanted post-WW1 – a homeland for Jewish people. They were instrumental in, amongst other things, of fomenting the conflict between Hitler’s national socialist regime and the rest of the world by initiating a worldwide Jewish economic boycott of Germany in 1933. There are many more details beyond the scope of this article.

So, Macron trying to use a WW1 commemoration event to push globalist, anti-nationalist ideas is not only typical but ridiculous, when we look at what caused “The Great War” and WW2 to happen.

Focusing on the present and what may come in the future, do we have more wars ahead of us? Will the leaders present at that event soon be involved in creating yet another horrible global conflict?

Macron spoke about peace a lot in his speech. This is almost amusing coming from a man who, in an interview with Fareed Zakaria on the GPS programme on CNN, spoke about military spending, saying he supports the idea of Europe being a sovereign military entity who spends its money on European arms manufacturers (instead of US companies). He announced he would be increasing spending on “defence” in order to help achieve this, insisting that this was nothing against the US.

It should be noted that this is as much about big business and the usual cosy relationship that top politicians have with the military industrial complex, as it is about anything else or distorted notions of “loyalty” to the EU. France is in the worlds top 5 of arms exporters. Macron’s opinions also show the link between EU member states and the creation of a European army – PESCO.  Even though Macron said that a European army would allow Europe to protect itself from attack from other entities (including Russia, China, and even the US!), I would never trust any politician who speaks about armament for any sort of “defensive” purposes. History shows that lies (such as “defence”) are used to encourage the support of armament for offensive reasons. The agenda of a European military force that Macron is pushing, could include using PESCO to join NATO in a war against Russia or its allies in the middle-east (or even in a war against China).

Indeed, this was only a speech and these are just words, but what we need to pay attention to is the language included in it – how it is used to promote certain concepts (i.e. globalism), and how it tries to evoke an emotional response with (feigned) humanitarianism in order to ensure the concepts are associated with “goodness” in the minds of the audience.  Politicians speeches are often a reflection of the times. With the rise of PC culture and virtue-signalling, it’s not surprising that current politicians often say “nice” things in their speeches and come across as being moral people.