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In this first episode, I speak to David Walsh, who is the Chairman, spokesman and one of the co-founders of Men’s Voices Ireland

We discuss some of the issues facing men and boys in Ireland today, including domestic abuse, the education system, family law, suicide, false rape allegations and radical feminism.

Dr. David Evans
Joanne Nova

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In this episode of Resolving Reality Radio, I’m speaking to Dr. David Evans – a modeler and mathematician, who earned six university degrees in mathematics and engineering over ten years, including a PhD from Stanford University in electrical engineering 

David consulted full-time for the Australian Greenhouse Office from 1999 to 2005, and part-time for the Department of Environment from 2008 to 2010. He was the lead modeler in developing FullCAM – the world’s leading carbon accounting model that Australia uses, for analysing the carbon in Australia’s biosphere for the Kyoto Protocol.

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In this episode of Resolving Reality Radio, I discuss Transgenderism and the Transgender movement with Dr. Quentin Van Meter.

Dr. Van Meter is a paediatric endocrinologist and President of the American College of Paediatricians. 
He has many decades of experience in his field, including a 20-year career in the Navy Medical Corps. 
Dr. Van Meter is based in Atlanta, Georgia, where he is an adjunct associate professor of Pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine, and an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Morehouse School of Medicine. Quentin also runs his own private practice – Van Meter Pediatric Endocrinology.

The American College of Paediatricians website is, and Quentin’s private practice website is

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In this episode of Resolving Reality Radio, I speak to Andy Thomas of the website

Andy is an author and lecturer, covering a wide variety of topics including unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups, history and British folklore, to name a few. He has authored many books – including the much-acclaimed The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies. He has also written several books on the Crop Circle phenomenon, including a highly-respected book on the subject called Vital Signs

In this interview we discuss the subjects of – truth in the modern world, the media and how it distorts reality, the impact of the internet on truth discovery and how the control system is trying to suppress it. We also discuss the Crop Circle phenomenon – its beginnings, where the formations appear, the various theories for their origins, how the establishment responds, and the possible involvement of the so-called elites.

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In this episode of Resolving Reality Radio, I speak to DJ, podcaster, public speaker and author Mark Devlin. Mark has written 2 popular books on the subject of control and manipulation in the Music industry called – Musical Truth and Musical Truth Volume 2

In this interview we discuss some of the history of the music industry, the high profile acts who dominated the scene, and how control has always been part of the agenda. We also cover the promotion of the use of drugs like LSD and Ecstacy by the system, the connections between military intelligence services and the music industry, how the hip hop scene was destroyed as a genre, dark occultism in the modern day music scene, the behaviour that the so-called “artists” of today are promoting, and some of the big names who’ve criticized the industry over the years. 

Visit Mark’s website – – for more information on him, his books, podcasts, plus his Twitter and Youtube profiles.

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In these fast-changing and psychotic times, there’s a wave of monoculturalism that is now spreading across the civilised world. A wave of cultural transformation, that seeks to wash away the uniqueness of various peoples and the lands in which they live. Ireland and Irish culture, having been progressively eroded over the centuries, is now almost completely erased…in the name of progress and so-called “progressivism”. Irish culture, along with any remaining Irish sovereignty, is disappearing thanks to globalism, and the invasion, once again, of foreign ideologies. Now, more than ever, it’s important to remind ourselves of Ireland’s incredible culture..its unique history..its eternal beauty…and the ancient origins that are the foundation of its story.

My guest for this subject is none-other than Michael Tsarion, who is a prolific author and public speaker, and a veteran of the truth and so-called “alternative” research community. His many books cover such topics as occult and ancient history, mythology, philosophy, astro-theology, German idealism, the female psyche, plus his acclaimed book “Atlantis: Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation” and “The Irish Origins of Civilisation” volumes 1 and 2. To find out more about Michael and his vast body of work, and the subjects we cover in this interview, visit and

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In this episode, I discuss Feminism with a Canadian Youtuber by the name of Judith Charpentier.

We discuss the different waves of feminism, and how earlier waves are different to the extreme variety we see today. We also discuss the connection between radical feminist ideology and Marxist ideology,  the influence of postmodernism, and the much-regurgitated myths and propaganda of radical feminism including “toxic masculinity” “patriarchy”, “rape culture” and “male privilege”. We outine how feminist propaganda is based on negative stereotypes of men, and the impact that feminism has, not only on males, but on society as a whole.

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In this episode of Resolving Reality Radio, I examine the very disturbing subjects of child predation, procurement, abuse and trafficking with Jon Wedger – a former Scotland Yard CID Detective and London Metropolitan Police Officer with over 25 years experience in this area.

We discuss how serious the problem of child abuse is, how high-up it goes, how the powers-that-be have been trying to suppress the truth, and how whistle-blowers like Jon have been treated for speaking-out about this issue. Visit Jon’s website for more information, his interviews and social media profiles, by selecting the image above.

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This 10th episode features my first returning guest to Resolving Reality Radio – Irish author and researcher Michael Tsarion. Michael is a much-respected voice and veteran within the so-called “alternative” research community, and has published many fascinating works including several books about Ireland and ancient Irish history, including “The Irish Origins of Civilisation” volumes 1 and 2.

This is a follow-up interview to “The Real Story of Ireland” – my first talk with Michael on the subjects of Ireland’s origins, history, culture and sovereignty..and how Ireland has been transformed progressively from a culturally-unique place, into the typical, westernised, global state we see today.

Visits Michael’s websites,, and also be sure to check out, to absorb his many works, collaborations and interviews alongside his partner at the Unslaved website – David Whitehead. In this interview, we talk about the many factors that have transformed Ireland over the ages, and how consistent trauma and chaos have played a role in keeping the Irish people suppressed. We also cover Ireland’s transformation in a global context, the mechanisms of control and the use of “divide-and-conqueor” tactics, including the engineered Catholic/Protestant divide. Also mentioned is the connection between Marxist ideology and Irish Nationalism, Christianity and morality in modern Ireland, the new threat of islamo-Communism, and much more.

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In this 11th episode of Resolving Reality Radio I speak to Max Igan, who is a researcher, radio host, author, film-maker and a very popular voice in the truth-seeking movement.

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We talk about the recent mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand and its effects, plus Max shares his insights with us on various subjects including the climate of fear, the social justice warrior culture, Australian society and government, the bigger picture, and the world control system as a whole.

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In this 12th episode of Resolving Reality Radio, I speak to Brandon Martinez – an independent writer and journalist from Canada who specializes in foreign policy issues, international affairs and 20th and 21st century history. Brandon’s Youtube channel is called Martinez Perspective. Visit his website by selecting the image.

In this interview we speak about the mosque shooting in New Zealand and place it in a global context. We also discuss mass-migration and multiculturalism, the EU and the Kalergi plan, Zionism, the Frankfurt School, and the importance of Nationalism in western countries today.

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This is episode 13 of Resolving Reality Radio, and I speak to author Henry Makow. Henry’s works include the “Illuminati” book series and “Cruel Hoax – Feminism and the New World Order”, plus Henry’s website is

In this interview, we speak about the New World Order and it’s methods of control, Satanism, Zionism, Feminism and it’s origins, the inversion of good and evil in today’s world, and the concept of “awakening” the unconscious masses..

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This is episode 15 of Resolving Reality Radio, and I speak to Israeli public speaker and human rights activist Miko Peled.

Miko is the author of “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”, and in this interview we discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict and Zionism. Visit Miko’s website for articles and interviews.

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This is episode 16 of Resolving Reality Radio, and in this interview I speak to author Chris Fogarty, about his work researching Ireland’s Holocaust, more commonly-known as the great famine in the mid-1800’s.

Chris’s book is called “Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and who kept it “Perfect”. Select the image to visit the website.