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In this first video episode, I interview John Waters – an author, guest speaker, and former journalist, who spent many years working with the mainstream media in Ireland, including a 14-year spell at the Irish times newspaper as a regular columnist.

John’s latest book “Give Us Back The Bad Roads” is available via his website. For more information on him and his work, visit

In this interview, we discuss the beginnings of his career, political correctness and cultural Marxism in the Irish media, the attitude and unprofessionalism of mainstream media employees, how he was treated for going against the grain, the reasons for his change in mindset, and why he left the world of mainstream journalism behind.

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In this second video episode, I explore the very serious and divisive issue of Abortion, which has recently become legal in Ireland. My guest for this subject is Laura Klassen, who is the Founder and Director of a Canadian pro-life organisation called Choice42.

Visit the Choice42 website – Choice42 on Youtube –… Choice42 on.. Twitter – @ChoiceForTwo Instagram – , and Facebook –

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In this third video episode, I discuss health issues in the US with Dr. Steven Baker, who is a Chiropractor based in Meridian, Idaho.

We discuss vaccines, cancer, the pharmaceutical industry and the self-empowerment of the patient when it comes to health.

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In this 4th video episode, I speak to Stefan – a Swedish Youtuber with a channel called Sanity4Sweden.

We discuss the problems Sweden is having in recent times with globalism, socialism and multiculturalism, amongst other things.

Visit Stefan’s channel and take a look at his videos:… Sanity4Sweden on Facebook:

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In this 5th video episode, I interview political commentator and former ambassador Ray Bassett, to discuss the issues of the EU, Brexit, and the sovereignty of Ireland.

Ray was the Irish ambassador to several countries including Canada, Jamaica, and Barbados, and was also a Good Friday Agreement delegate.

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In this 6th video episode, I speak to David Whitehead from the excellent Unslaved podcast.

We speak about David’s work with Unslaved, the truth warrior mindset, and some of the issues of concern in the world today. You can find David’s many works and collaborations with Michael Tsarion over at the Unslaved website, by selecting on the image above.

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This is video episode 7, and I’m speaking to Ole Dammegard – a specialist subject researcher and author in areas such as false-flag operations, state-sponsored terrorism, and top political assassinations.

Ole wrote 2 sensational and highly-respected books on the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme in 1986, called “Coup d’Etait in Slow Motion – Volumes 1 and 2”. Take a look at Ole’s website – by selecting the image, and make sure you subscribe to his newsletter.

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In this eighth video episode, I interview Dr. Bill Warner on the subject of Political Islam. We discuss the role of the Islamic texts, the history of Islam, and the impact of Sharia Law on western civilisation.

Visit Dr. Warner’s website for more information on him and his work, by selecting the image. Also take a look at his Youtube channel – Political Islam – for some excellent presentations. 

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This is video episode nine, and I interview Ivor Cummins about nutrition, and some of the health problems we are dealing with in the world today.

Check out Ivor’s Youtube channel and The Fat Emperor Podcast. Select image to visit Ivor’s website – The Fat

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This is video episode ten, and I interview Irish-American Author Colin Flaherty about his extensive work exposing racial crime and violence in the US. Visit Colin’s website by selecting the  Find Colin on Minds:

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This is video episode 11 and I speak with Jared Taylor about Diversity, Multiculturalism, White Identity and Race.  We also discuss the origins of the diversity and multiculturalist ideologies. Jared is an author and editor of the American Renaissance website – Visit their site using the image, and check out their Youtube channel –

Thoughts on the suppression of truth, free speech and censorship, real rebellion, morality, and correct judgement.

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This is video episode 12 and I speak with Italian freelance journalist Alessandra Bocchi about censorship, Italian politics, and mass migration.

Visit Alessandra’s website by clicking on the image. Follow Alessandra on Twitter – @alessabocchi