Resolving Reality is an independent Irish media platform that examines national and global issues, featuring opinions and topics not covered in the mainstream media. Including the alternative, the politically-incorrect, the undiscovered, and the ignored.

The inspiration to create this website, and its name, comes from the idea that reality (AKA Truth) is the way things ACTUALLY are, not what we may (or may not) perceive them to be. Truth is something that applies to all things, regardless of what our intellectual opinions are, or how we feel about them emotionally. Discovering the reality/truth of something is making an assessment of what it really is, in truth.

The role of the media should be (in an ideal world) to inform people of the reality of things happening in the world around them, and to let them draw their own conclusions. But this is far from being an ideal world, and it’s a massive understatement to say that the mainstream media (as a whole) aren’t doing this. In fact, there are agendas being pushed by this MSM constantly, and its practises are both ideologically-biased and homogenous thoroughout the western world. The MSM is not simply incompetent or without conscience, it is an integral part of the system that aims to keep the masses in a docile, ignorant state.

Nowadays, more and more people are craving answers. They want to know the truth, instead of being spoon-fed the latest politically-correct trash from the establishment. A significant portion of the general public are now turning elsewhere. This has led to the rise of independent or alternative media sources, which have proliferated thanks to the exponential growth of the internet. 

Now, it’s possible for constructive information and ideas to flow more freely, without interference from the many vested interests operating in the world today.

The Resolving Reality media brand is dedicated to this new paradigm – presenting knowledge and ethical analysis on a whole range of subjects, for those who prefer truth over deception.